Sunday, December 28, 2014

Thoughts are loud. So loud they demand to be heard. But what if those thoughts don't articulate into real words? When you can't even seem to find the right abstract expression? They mass together in your center and you can feel them turning. They are building with each moment they are unspoken and they are prepared to be announced. As you try to speak, a dam holds them back. they can't be let free, because they cannot be understood.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Most of my nightmares terrify me. Usually from the inability to fight. I become completely incapacitated. If for some reason I can fight, it's against shady characters who are trying to convince me to trust them. I usually do.

Sometimes I think I might be living that nightmare now. Only now I can't just wake up to something different. 

But life is fine, ya know? Nightmares end eventually. Just not usually the way we want them to. 

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Where it Belongs

Love is the visit you pay
When you walk in unannounced
Because you hoped
I would still be in town.

The moment when I see
That familiar navy blue hoodie
Come through the door-
Your silhouette
Illuminated by the dimly lit window
In that basement bedroom.

When my desire to hold you
Becomes audible,
Because only seconds before
Your presence
Was only an often dreamt dream.
And as I woke,
I unabashedly made my wishes known
Through a most genuine and relieved whimper.

As I lay in your warmth,
I know I am safe.
Mind at ease.
Comfort over comes me.
It becomes me.
Because I know you placed the spare key back
Where it belongs.