Monday, November 29, 2010

"And it came to me then...
That every plan,
Is a tiny prayer to Father Time."

-Death Cab for Cutie

Oh how true it is. I never really understood these lyrics when I fell in love with this song. I knew the words, but I never actually thought about them. This is only one of the many great lyrics of the song obviously, but I think there is no better way to open the song. These words are like a good slap in the face.

You really never know when things are going to change up. We plan everything, or we have made up plans for everything. If you think about it, most of them never come true. You can come up with tons of situations and solutions, but in the end, only one thing will actually happen. And when it does, and it's not something we wanted to happen, can we really complain? What good does it do? None really.

What I am getting at is that if things don't go according to plan, don't be so upset. You usually can't change it, so go with it and make the best of it. Never stop making your plans, but know that things will work out if you work with them :)

With Love

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Soldier's Poems

Well awhile back I wrote a poem about a soldier dying at war. I didn't think much of it, but I was reading through some of my grandfather's poetry today, and I was amazed at what I found. It was like he had finished the poem for me. So I will share with you my poem, and the poem my good ol' grandpa wrote a while back. Enjoy!

A Smile Upon His Face

He lies oh so calmly,
in a catatonic state,
Lying, simply lying, With a smile upon his face.

Broken, bloodied and beaten,
Within an angel's embrace-
still lying there, with that smile upon his face

No ones arms to be held in,
No gentle soul to close his eyes,
But yet He still smiles, as his body simply lies.

The hours pass, his strength is long since lost...
The value of our freedom
Is as heavy as it's cost.

With pride in his heart and loved ones on his mind,
His soul soon passes over,
But his smile is locked in time

Our country's valued soldier -honorable and brave-
Smiles in his resting place,
A shallow, unmarked grave.

Hannah J. Thomas

Sargent Rae

Before God stands a soldier though weary, worn and gray
He salutes, in defined decorum, “ Reporting for duty, Sir, Sargent Rea.”
“Old soldier you have served with honor. You have faced the worldly woes.
Your courage is unquestioned by your comrades and your foes.”

“Sargent, you have earned your rank with ideals both high and true.
March proudly through the gates of glory, all heaven welcomes you.”
Somewhere beyond this mortal plane in a realm of shining light
Serves a Sargent, young and dashing; with a spirit full of fight.


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happiness is a Warm Burrito? Or an awful lot of chocolate.

Last week My dear sista-friend and I had a splendid moping day. Chocolate ice cream, donuts, watched a couple of sappy love movies, the whole shebang. It was very much needed. She was having some boy problems, and so I wanted to be there for her. It was our promise/plan that when things went wrong (which we always knew they eventually would) we would join together and just mope. It was fantastic.

Well this week was my week. We got together again, but this time for me. It was splendid as well! She brought a lot of chocolate. Oh how well she knows me, and how much she loves me. A twix bar, a snickers bar, and a whole lot of chocolate macadamia nut caramel clusters. We had more girl talk in our pajamas, watched the perfect moping chick flick, and had a swell time. I freakin love that girl. I don't know where I'd be without her.

So essentially, I chilled with my favorite gal, and had nothing to eat today but chocolate, even at the wedding reception I attended. They had hot chocolate and french chocolate silk pie. It was a pretty fantastic mope day. But I thought I'd at least give myself something not chocolate to eat, so I just consumed a wonderful freezer burrito. and I think I might go make myself another one.

Wishing you the best of nights,

Boy Fast

I should just buck up, and go on a boy fast. You heard me, a boy fast.

I read some article the other day on sparknotes (yeah, I'm a bad kid, I know) about a girl who went on a boy fast, she just gave up thinking about boys in a romantic way. I think I need one of those. It's not like I can marry them yet anyways (despite the fact I day dream about that consistently). I'll just go around, thinking about other things! I have lots of other things to occupy my mind.

For example, I could focus on getting my licence, go driving and listen to some music to clear my head. I could think about what I am going to get friends and family for Christmas, because it's that time of year! I could figure out a song with my new ap music knowledge. And I can focus on my friends problems, because every one has problems. Why not try and help them out?

Why should I make myself miserable and make a boy the main focus of my life when I am not his? (And rightfully so, it's so not the time to focus on that kind of thing! [I say that to make myself feel a bit better...]) It seems like I am just setting myself up for heart ache if you ask me.

Either way, I am just gonna be happy. Things are as they are :)

With logical happy emotion,

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Giving of Thanks and Gratitude! :D

Ah yes, it is that time of year again! The Wonderful day of Thanksgiving!

When I think about my life, I can't help but wonder why I am so blessed. I take so many things for granted. Sometimes I probably act like a bit of a snot too, considering all the simple things in life that help keep me sane. I mean, when I look at the friends and family I have... I can't even begin to describe how much I love them, and how grateful I am that they are in my life. They are basically the reason I can get up in the morning. Sometimes I may seem like a jerk to them or say some stupid stuff, but I could never live without them.

I could continue to list a bunch of material things that I have, and I am definitely grateful for, but I don't see why you'd like to read about that. It's more important to know that I love this country, my family, my friends, and my God. So hats off to you.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and don't forget to tell someone you love them and how ya feel! They'll love it :)

With Much Love and a Full belly,

Wisdom to my Callow Youth

With lines and the spaces in between I could better express the thoughts in side my head,
A fragile, delicate melody with bittersweet voice that sings to me.
With ledger lines that reach the height of it's fervent emotion, and extend below the lows of our grief,
But with these words I will try to convey.

Love not lost, but love not nourished,
Was never expected in such conditions
To last this long; to ever flourish,
With such naive and young ambitions

This heart- that never was breached,
Delights in the bona fide truth,
Twas the genuine truth that I beseeched,
And brought wisdom to my callow youth.

Relief that things could conclude so well,
Has brought me piece of mind,
Remember now to look only forward
And leave the past behind.

Oh the day will come,
When two will be as one;
The day when our hearts will find their pairs
But for now we will rest,
Nor yet pursue loves quest,
And simply enjoy the briskness of this autumn air

With Love,

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's Music to My Ears

After having a blog for nearly a year, I finally figured out how to put on a stupid playlist! Woot! You'll find it has quite an arrangement of music. I mean, where else would you find Yellowcard, Allred and video game music all in one place? If you find another place, do tell. I would need to meet this person.

Anyway, This is only a very small selection of some of my favorites. I have far too many wonderful songs to try and put all in one playlist... plus, some of my favorites are impossible to find. Curses!

Don't you guys just love music though? I mean, it just speaks to your soul. It can totally change your mood too. Sometimes not always for the better, but it has a way of cheering me up when I am down. There is music for any thing you want, I mean really!

You wanna go run around and be crazy? They have songs for that. You wanna sit by the fire and cuddle up in a blanket? They got it!

So what I am trying to say really, is that I love music. The end. :)

With Love,

Monday, November 22, 2010

Mawwige is what bwings us togethaw, todawy.

Can I just be grown up and married now?

That'd be cool. I mean I know being married has got to have it's stressful times, not to mention a ton of responsibility, but at least it's responsibility and stress that matters. Not like being a stupid teenager. Haha but I'll get there someday.

I just want to have that husband who will adore you and treat you well and be just awesome like a husband should be. Someone who is your best friend, but loves you in a way that means more. Someone who would tease you, but then when you are feelin' blue he knows exactly what to say. Honest love. Now that'd be sweet.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

To My Wonderful Friends :)

It's one of those days where I just want to say that I love all my friends :) Cause I do. So there. Enjoy :)

This friend of mine can always make me smile,
I know that he really does care,
He will tease and tease me constantly,
But hey, I'm a girl, it's only fair.

A different friend of mine is really quite swell,
She's goofy and she's always sweet,
I'd be completely lost without this girl,
I guess she just makes me complete!

Another guy who I adore,
One who's not so normal, you could say,
Is one of the best friends I've ever had,
And I wouldn't have it any other way.

This other gal; Boy she's like my twin!
You couldn't believe how much we are alike,
Somehow she always understands,
And we've never had a stupid fight.

Yet another young fellow who is dear to me,
He's lived a troubled life,
But that doesn't stop his lovable-ness,
He's always pulled through his strife.

Oh and then there's this awesome lass,
She's so intelligent and mysteriously dark,
But I know all sorts of sides of her,
Even the one with her big softy heart.

This boy, oh my...I don't know what to say,
He's always lifted me up in times of need,
He helps me to look on the upside,
With every crazy and silly text I read.

Then there's this girl, who's always worn a smile,
I don't think it's possible for her to frown,
She's kind of like my hero,
She's the most lovable girl in town.

A guy who's always been there,
That's definitely what he's become
Even if he pokes fun at my spelling,
I know he love me in the long run.

And Someone who I've known all my life,
We've been through everything, thick and thin,
I just can't help but love this kid,
And his silly cheesy grin

All of them, do I deserve?
I'm going to say that that's a no.
Because They've done beyond so much for me,
And I love they way it shows.

So I have to say, I love you all,
And you know that it's the truth,
I couldn't ask for better friends,
To have in my crazy and psycho youth :)

With Honest Love,

Friday, November 19, 2010

Why did you have to change?

So I am kinda just not so happy with someone in my life right now. So I am going to vent some stuff... In poetry! Yay! I'm just in a grumpy mood at the moment. Maybe it's because I haven't eaten all day. Which I am about to go fix by makin' me some eggs. Anyway, have fun reading.

When I look at her eyes,
tears are filling my own...
her's are big and brown and beautiful,
and mine feel so alone.

Well she's got the smile,
That drives the boys wild,
But she doesn't seem to care
She leads them all on,
and soon she's gone;
she left them in the cold winter air.

She's always been loved,
She's become her own star,
But she never seems to see my tears.
I'm just waiting for my time to shine,
A time when they'll finally see that I'm here.

Go ahead and live in your vanity,
Be the girl everyone expects of you,
Pretend to like what you're trying to be,
And act like it's nothing new.

If only she saw why I am hurt,
Then maybe she'd understand...
I'm only envious because I feel that she's just following what the world demands

She can look on past me,
What should I care?
I'll just pretend she was never there.
And I'll give my energy to someone new,
Someone who respects me and loves me for the things that I do.

I miss the you you used to be,
but you've changed the way things are done.
So when I feel the misery,
I'll remember the person you've become.

Your hungry, upset friend,

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Autumn Night

Oh Autumn night I know you well,
Your softer light and sweeter smell,
Your chilling breeze this gentle night,
may linger on till morning light.

The days of clouds and light drizzled rain,
Can calm and soothe your heavy pains,
And burdened souls may be set forth free,
To enjoy internal serenity.

Sunrise to set, May we not forget,
And through the briskness of the night,
That the Autumn days may us reflect,
And cause our passion to ignite.

The Sweats and The Argyle Sweater

So on Tuesday, I was having a lazy and comfortable day. One of those days where you wear sweats and a big hoodie to school. The day was pretty normal all around, except that the guy I sit next to in band, named Matt, was wearing almost the same sweats as me. And we were the only ones in the classroom wearing sweats. What are the chances that the only two people in the room wearing sweats would be sitting next to each other?

First of all, I found it quite alarming, because he was the one to point this out. For the longest time I thought I scared the living daylights out of him. Frankly, I don't blame him... I say some pretty random and hyper things in band... And I'm just weird. So the fact that he initiated conversation was pretty awesome! I've been wanting to get to know him since he moved in, but I was kind of getting these vibes that he was secretly plotting to kill me or something. So it's good news! I continued my day as normal, and all was well.

So today, I decided to wear something a little more... classy, I suppose you could say. I put on my argyle sweater and jeans with holes in the knee.(you can see where this is going can't you?) I walk into band class, sit down, and I see Matt wearing an argyle sweater with jeans that have a hole in the knee. And not only that, Matt and Doctor Fullmer, the band director, were wearing virtually the same sweater. You can imagine I got a pretty good kick out of this. If we are wearing the same thing next band period, I swear he's from the future and is messing with my mind or something.

Until Next Time,

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What the heck is this blog?! I didn't subscribe to this! Or did I?

In case you are confused, which is more than likely for the five of you who may or may not actually read this blog, don't be. It's still Hannah J, but it needed some changing around. The name came about in my math class today, and I thought this blog needed some serious renovation. So why not run with it?

It'll still be the random posts, and maybe I'll make another blog for the sappy cheesy writings and such. I feel like I need to specialize more. But for now, things will stand as usual. So I love ya guys, and I'm sure you'll hear from me soon.

Yours Truly,

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Moving on...

Life goes on... We get older. That's the way things go.
We've all got to grow up, and some grow up faster than others,
And in the end, where will we be? We all know.

Some of these days... They drive us to the verge of insanity.
We want to run away, farther and faster than ever before
But I'll give what I got. You wanna give it a shot?
I know in the end I'll wish I had given it more.

That's my half poem for the day. It's more just a quick thought.

I've realized that a lot of people I haven't had the chance to be with lately have just moved on. And they should, I don't want anyone waiting up for me. But I miss them, and I don't think they realize that. I act like an idiot, and I have troubles balancing everything. I'm human. I'm flawed. But I feel myself again, and I haven't felt myself for a while.

I don't feel as angry, or as rude or like I wanna kill someone. I don't feel like I just feel... normal. Happy, but I miss some of my friends and family. The ones that I spend time with, not the ones that seem to have changed into these new monsters or mice...

I know we all have to grow up, and that we all change... by why does it always seem to be for the worst?...