Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Wind

The wind that sways the aspen trees,
The salty air of the ocean breeze,
From high altitudes to level seas,
There's something in this air we breath,

By it's life we hear a child's cry,
And the absence of compels fire to die,
We feel it's might as it rushes by,
And it's gentle caress in a subtle sigh,

Our lives and the air have much the same,
They seem to rejoice in the fast paced game,
They switch so suddenly with no one to blame,
And neither one can be utterly tamed.

Our lives can change in seconds flat,
Much like the wind we are feeling at our backs,
No need to feel like you're under attack,
It's simply the start of the next big act,

So embrace the change and you'll realize,
It gives you a chance to revitalize,
Rejuvenate and sensationalize,
You can view the world with a new set of eyes.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Happiness depends on two?
Oh what do we do,
If it depends on two?
I believe you need a bit of a clue,
Happiness is not dependant on two,
Two will not do.

Happiness depends on you.

Happiness depends on one,
That's how it's done,
It comes from one.
Your happiness, joy, love and fun,
Have all begun
With a single one.

It all depends on one.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tomorrow Night

So funny story... While I was writing this one I was listening to music on Pandora, and a song came on. The song was "I've got my love to keep me warm". I found this ironic. Haha but anyway, enjoy the poem :)

I knew this room was cold,
But it's bite is settling in,
And baby you're not here,
To warm my chilling summer skin.

I want your arms around me,
I want to feel your steady breath,
I want to snuggle up beside you,
And hear the beating from your chest.

You bring me a feeling of comfort,
But it's one I've hardly known,
A sweet and pleasant feeling,
Of not feeling so alone.

My hands are feeling lonely,
My arms are awfully cold,
This must be that longing
From a heart that has been sold.

So I'll lay here on my bed,
And while I think of you tonight,
I'll pretend that I'm right next to you,
Waiting to be held so tight.

And maybe you'll be here....
Tomorrow night.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

The Devil's Craft... Learn to Fight Back.

Thoughts are lingering,
In the shallow, empty spaces
That are encased inside myself.
Finding them, -growing, thriving-
Controlling my motives.

I am confused.

I am lost.

These thoughts are consuming my motivation.
Destroying my inner peace.

Can I do this? My power is gone...
My feelings of terror continue to press on.


No more.
This is my choice.

Leave me.
Let me be.
I'm sick of your negativity.

You cannot tell me what I cannot do.
I'm tired and I'm hurt, but I can still pull through.

Go ahead, test me. I dare you to try.
I'm going to keep fighting till the day that I die.

My measure is one that cannot be contained.
No limits, no boundaries- No more playing this game!

If I can't deal with you I don't deserve that great prize,
I'm breaking the chain, say your final goodbyes.

I'm never done.

I will press on.