Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ranting. Because it's good for the soul.

Well today I just need to rant about random crap. Because I am rather irritated right now. (Don't get me wrong, I love my family so much, but right now I am a bit irritated)

First, my parents have moved the big screen upstairs. This irritates me. Why? Because the upstairs living room is for family to sit around and talk, not for watching stuff on a giant big screen. It belongs in the den for people to play rock band and watch football with the sound system. Big screens and sound systems and gaming go hand in hand... Family talking and big screen? not so much. Also, I don't think my mother is going to like it much when me and my friend are all sitting in the family room watching movies and yelling and playing around late at night. She says it will be fine, but I don't think she will be as okay with it when there is popcorn on the floor and soda bottles on her table. Maybe that is just me. Whatever. Am I crazy to think that the big TV belongs in the den? It just fits better.

Mostly I am just irritated that I feel like my parents refuse to listen to me. Believe it or not I can think logically. Maybe we just have a huge communication issue. That might be because I don't want to sound like a brat when I talk to them, so I never get to say everything I want to. Like about the whole getting a permit thing, or getting a job. (see how bratty I sound? It irritates me. I can't say anything without beign a moody stupid teenager)

I just don't feel like I fit in the family. I hate doing things with family that involve technology (TV, for example, making the whole TV upstairs thing worse). I hate it when they talk about World of Warcraft. I hate it when I am the only one there who isn't an adult. I hate it when I can't do anything because I am just a kid. I hate it when my brothers say stuff that makes me feel like I am just their inferior little sister who doesn't know anything. I hate it when I feel like I can't be noticed for anything. I'm not married or having kids, I just am not fitting in here. This is why I wish I had little siblings, or someone closer to my age.

Yup. That about sums it up for right now.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

I Am

Well my friend showed me a nifty little site for what's called an "I Am" Poem. I liked it quite a bit! So I decided to share mine with you.

I Am

I am loyal and genuine
I wonder if others see my flaws
I hear your troubled past
I see the potential you have
I want to help those in a way no other can
I am loyal and genuine

I pretend I'm almost perfect.
I feel the drive to do what's right
I touch the lives of others through example
I worry if I do enough
I cry for all my missed chances
I am loyal and genuine

I understand that it's more complicated that I know
I say "You know I'm always here"
I dream about being with someone
I try to help it hurt less
I hope you love me as much as I love you
I am loyal and Genuine

Here is the link if you want to make your own nifty poem :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fleece Snuggie

(note, this poem is super cheesey, but that's just the way I am. And it involves a snuggie, I had to write it. Because let's face it, who doesn't want a snuggie?)

Well you and me,
could cuddle inside my fleece snuggie

watching over the city lights,
On those beautiful moon-lit nights,

It'd be just you and me,
and my fleece snuggie.

One sleeve is for you,
the other for me,
And our hands would
fit eachother's perfectly

it'd be just you and me,
together in my fleece snuggie.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Midnight Sky

You and I,
The midnight sky,
Our past day dreams go drifting by,

Stars so bright-
A spectacular sight-
Illuminate their brilliant light,

Night now gone,
At the break of Dawn,
Shows the Cosmos' light withdrawn,

The Day goes by,
We watch the sky-
Silently- Just you and I

Daylight Savings....

Okay so I was thinking that daylight savings is kind of like that annoying kid you wish would just go away, but he always comes back, he always tries to talk to you in the halls when they have nothing to say and end up making you late for class. And sleep, sleep is like that really cute guy you just can't get enough of. Sure, you talk with him, think about him, and want to be with him, but it's still just not enough. So finally, when you get a chance to be with that cute guy for a nice amount of time, the annoying one comes and scares him off.

So what I am trying to say here is... Daylight saving sucks! I was finally starting to get a decent amount of sleep each night, and now I am going to be late for school. I am positive. Getting up at 5 am now? That would be like getting up at 4 before daylight savings, not to mention getting to bed an "hour" later. What seems like 11 is actually midnight. Wonderful. Screw you daylight savings!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

What if?

What if,
Just in the time I have known you,
I fell for you?

What would you do?

If I fell,
Would you fall too?

What if,
when my heart is beating,
I can't stop thinking,

If only you knew,
I only wish I had someone like you.

That's only if I fell for you.

What would you do?

And if this poem,
was a hint or a clue,
It would have to be the most honest and true,

Because in all honesty,
I really can't help but fall for you.

A smile upon his face

He lies oh so calmly,
in a catatonic state,
Lying, simply lying, With a smile upon his face.

Broken, bloodied and beaten,
Within an angel's embrace-
still lying there, with that smile upon his face

No ones arms to be held in,
No gentle soul to close his eyes,
But yet He still smiles, as his body simply lies.

The hours pass, his strength is long since lost...
The value of our freedom
Is as heavy as it's cost.

With pride in his heart and loved ones on his mind,
His soul soon passes over,
But his smile is locked in time

Our country's valued soldier -honorable and brave-
Smiles in his resting place,
A shallow, unmarked grave.

A mental debate while ill...

Emotions: What? We're sick? Do you know what this means Logic?!
Logic: That the immune system hates us?
Emotions: No, no dear friend! It means Pokemon 2000 and Orange Juice from a sippy straw! How euphoric!
Logic: I see no logical reasoning in this. The physical body is being treated as though it is a biological wasteland, and you find... joy?
Emotions: Oh come now! You must remember, Childhood Memories? He's in the cubical just to your left, the one you usually ignore. Such a pity it is, you two really should try to get along... It makes me ever so sad to see you two so distant....
Logic: Oh yes... the fool who seemed to never listen to me. What does HE have to do with this?
Emotions: Please, you were hardly developed at the time. I still don't think you have settled yourself in yet. Anyway, You know as well as I that the immune system and us here in the mind have never gotten along to well, since our unit was a toddler... We often spent time in a state of diseased discomfort. Childhood memories took up the opportunity and made a deal with Traditions that we must always rely on two things in times of such ailment. 1. Pokemon 2000, the movie of childhood delight, and 2. Orange Juice through a sippy straw for the vitamins needed to recover. Of course, the sippy straw was made a requirement because of age, now made as another task for Traditions to remember.
Logic: Hey, it's not my fault that our unit refuses to listen to me. She wouldn't have been ill so often if she didn't chew on everything she could get her hands on. Even if I wasn't developed, that was in Common Sense's department. I still cannot see how you are so elated about this, it does not compute.
Emotions: Of course not! That isn't your department anyway, you arrogant fool.

The repetitive game

A trap-
You slip,
it grips-
you fall.

Your heart-
it trips,
it rips-
you crawl.

Your knees-
they ache
they quake-
you stop.

Your mind-
and replays it all.