Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Her Tree- Introduction

His pocket watch had struck 7:47 PM. The memories flood through his mind; the mental dam could no longer hold back the furry of their haunting presence. Had once more the cries of his heart escaped their chamber? Could he no longer hide his emotions in the black abyss in which they were once concealed? The woods, the path, he remembered the stinging recollection all to well- as if scorched upon his destitute mind.

Unconsciously he wandered forward, not acknowledging the way which his mind had led him. He shed a tear during the review of his tainted, inescapable past. Was the wrenching emotional toil he must endure worth the salvation? With his mind still pondering this thought, he continued to tread upon the unbeaten path that led to the source of his painful reminiscence- her tree.

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Lady Carolyn said...

This isn't lame Hannah! Its a great creative outlet! Welcome to the blogging world! :)