Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Day of Joy and Non-Important-ness

Do you ever have those days where nothing really significant happens, but it just feels like a really good day? So far, it's been one of those.

For starters, I love band people. So much. They can honestly instantly make me happy. They always say hello in the halls, they always have a hug ready, they are easy to joke with, and super chill. So basically they just are the greatest people ever. Even if you royally screw up, they still love you. What good friends they are :)

Another fantastic yet microscopic event of the day involves those people who you know and enjoy, but sometimes feel like the forget you exist. I had several of those people acknowledge my presence today... on their own! Normally I am the one who acts like a total dork and smiles much to big to make them laugh and say hello, but that wasn't required. Not today! It's a great feeling knowing that extending your hand in friendship finally pays off. Especially when it's one of those guys you have a weird mini crush on. It helps the self esteem a little.

On the down side, I do have quite a lot of homework to do. It could be much worse though. I just am not a fan of doing 200 or so AP Music problems in a day. You just lose any sense of sanity after the first 20. Oh, and the one day I missed math, we had an 80 problem assignment. Not super excited for that. But whatever, gotta giter dun. So I am off to do work!

Until next time, when I will most likely write about some musical non-sense,

Hannah J.

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