Friday, July 15, 2011

Does this Sound Like Me to You?

So I went for it. I took a personality type test. I've taken one similar to this before, but the middle two questions are always so hard for me to decide on. I took it twice and read both my results, the first being the Analytical Thinker and the second being the Sensitive Doer. I'm gonna copy and paste chunks of it.

(Before I begin, you should take the test and see your results. Post em here if you'd like! I want to hear what you guys are! )

Analytical Thinkers are reserved, quiet persons. They like to get to the bottom of things - curiosity is one of their strongest motives. They want to know what holds the world together deep down inside. They do not really need much more to be happy because they are modest persons... Analytical Thinkers loathe contradictions and illogicalness... You usually put a critical distance between yourself and others that enables you to be the keen and incorrupt observer of life. This distance can be truly bridged by only very few other people. That is probably caused by the fact that you are not all that interested to share your thoughts with others. Generally it is sufficient for you to have clarified a matter for yourself or that you have understood something; the continuous, in your eyes, mostly superficial chatter of the people around you becomes rather annoying... Once you have learned something, you’ll never forget it - unless you consider it to be irrelevant for some reason and decide that it seems to be better purging it from your data storage...

Sensitive Doers are gentle, modest and reserved persons. They cope well with everyday life and like their privacy. With their quiet, optimistic nature, they are also good, sought-after listeners and other people feel well in their company. All in all, this type is the most likeable and friendliest of all personality types. Tolerance and heir regard for others distinguish their personality. They are very caring, generous and always willing to help. They are open to and interested in everything that is new or unknown to them. However, if their inner value system or their sense of justice is hurt, Sensitive Doers can suddenly and surprisingly become forceful and assertive.... You need a working environment without intrigue or political manipulation, and with the least possible deployment of elbows. Cooperation rather than confrontation, should be the order of the day.... You are almost limitlessly tolerant and always prepared to accept others as they are. As a consequence, you very rarely have problems getting along with different people. The only exception: when your private value system is hurt or you notice injustice somewhere. In that case, you can react quite forcefully but even in the most heated dispute you always try to argue respectfully and fairly.... Appreciation by others is not entirely unimportant to you. In spite of all your mental independence, you appreciate receiving positive feedback

Well, there you have it. Me in a nutshell I guess. :)


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