Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cupcakes Ruin My Moping Moments.

Well this is a pleasant surprise. For some random reason my blog has been exposed to an awful lot of countries around the world. It's super nifty! I've had occasional visits from other nations in the past, but it seems like a bunch of cool people around the world have somehow managed to get here, almost as if on purpose. I'm excited about that! I hope the views continue. Not that I have anything important to say, but it's still fun to feel important. High five to all you awesome people!

In other news, surgery went well, I recovered just fine and today I got my stitches taken out!! I can type normal again! No more one handed silliness. Now I have a "7" shaped scar forming and a few holes on the sides of my middle left finger, but it's semi-usable. The biggest plus? I don't have a gross lump on the side of my finger! I can move it without feeling like it's going to pop.

Now on to another highlight of the day.

I was feeling a little down because of how some events of the day unraveled. Long story short, I was upset because I feel like I've been letting down someone who I used to consider a role model and they seem to be unhappy with me. So I moped around having no motivation to do anything. Out of my window I can hear some little kids talking to each other. I assumed it was for the neighbors, but hoped they were people I knew who randomly showed up at my house to give me food. Next thing I know, there's a knock on the door. I go upstairs to find three little kids from my neighborhood holding a plate with four big homemade cupcakes. Just for me. I had helped them a while back with something which I don't recall now, but it wasn't anything big. But they thought of me and gave me something to smile about. I love little kids.

Hope you find something to smile about too. Happy Valentines Day :)


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