Saturday, March 13, 2010

A mental debate while ill...

Emotions: What? We're sick? Do you know what this means Logic?!
Logic: That the immune system hates us?
Emotions: No, no dear friend! It means Pokemon 2000 and Orange Juice from a sippy straw! How euphoric!
Logic: I see no logical reasoning in this. The physical body is being treated as though it is a biological wasteland, and you find... joy?
Emotions: Oh come now! You must remember, Childhood Memories? He's in the cubical just to your left, the one you usually ignore. Such a pity it is, you two really should try to get along... It makes me ever so sad to see you two so distant....
Logic: Oh yes... the fool who seemed to never listen to me. What does HE have to do with this?
Emotions: Please, you were hardly developed at the time. I still don't think you have settled yourself in yet. Anyway, You know as well as I that the immune system and us here in the mind have never gotten along to well, since our unit was a toddler... We often spent time in a state of diseased discomfort. Childhood memories took up the opportunity and made a deal with Traditions that we must always rely on two things in times of such ailment. 1. Pokemon 2000, the movie of childhood delight, and 2. Orange Juice through a sippy straw for the vitamins needed to recover. Of course, the sippy straw was made a requirement because of age, now made as another task for Traditions to remember.
Logic: Hey, it's not my fault that our unit refuses to listen to me. She wouldn't have been ill so often if she didn't chew on everything she could get her hands on. Even if I wasn't developed, that was in Common Sense's department. I still cannot see how you are so elated about this, it does not compute.
Emotions: Of course not! That isn't your department anyway, you arrogant fool.