Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tomorrow Night

So funny story... While I was writing this one I was listening to music on Pandora, and a song came on. The song was "I've got my love to keep me warm". I found this ironic. Haha but anyway, enjoy the poem :)

I knew this room was cold,
But it's bite is settling in,
And baby you're not here,
To warm my chilling summer skin.

I want your arms around me,
I want to feel your steady breath,
I want to snuggle up beside you,
And hear the beating from your chest.

You bring me a feeling of comfort,
But it's one I've hardly known,
A sweet and pleasant feeling,
Of not feeling so alone.

My hands are feeling lonely,
My arms are awfully cold,
This must be that longing
From a heart that has been sold.

So I'll lay here on my bed,
And while I think of you tonight,
I'll pretend that I'm right next to you,
Waiting to be held so tight.

And maybe you'll be here....
Tomorrow night.

1 comment:

Lolovivi said...

story of my life hannah i love you.