Saturday, June 05, 2010

The Devil's Craft... Learn to Fight Back.

Thoughts are lingering,
In the shallow, empty spaces
That are encased inside myself.
Finding them, -growing, thriving-
Controlling my motives.

I am confused.

I am lost.

These thoughts are consuming my motivation.
Destroying my inner peace.

Can I do this? My power is gone...
My feelings of terror continue to press on.


No more.
This is my choice.

Leave me.
Let me be.
I'm sick of your negativity.

You cannot tell me what I cannot do.
I'm tired and I'm hurt, but I can still pull through.

Go ahead, test me. I dare you to try.
I'm going to keep fighting till the day that I die.

My measure is one that cannot be contained.
No limits, no boundaries- No more playing this game!

If I can't deal with you I don't deserve that great prize,
I'm breaking the chain, say your final goodbyes.

I'm never done.

I will press on.

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