Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The Gardens

Preparing to form my garden, I found I had such little space
So instead of planting greenery, I planted nothing in it's place
The soil was finely tended to, the earth was so well tilled,
The seeds of absense were the seeds with which this earth was filled.
The nothing in the garden grew- devoid of my assist,
I left the gardend to itself, knowing I would not be missed.
I had such absense growing, that I never the need to expand,
The little garden boundaries were the same as they now stand.
The garden was so well limited, with pavement all around,
No empty slots were open, no more room for garden grounds.
That's when my plans were forced to change, for fresh seeds had taken root,
Bearing such enticing and such unexpected fruit.
Though sweet and lucious fruit it was, no longer could it stay,
The garden's lack of nourishment had sent the fruit away.
My garden still stands as it was, and I feel the tart remorse-
The painful, bitter after taste of not planning a wiser course.
As I stand on barren ground, where great potential once had stood,
I feel that empty feeling of not giving what I could.

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