Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sweeter Days

Well today I was listening to some fantasic piano music, composed by Kyle Landry on youtube, and I fell in love with his song called "Lonely".
Here is the link if you care to hear it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a318ACsI-t4

Anyway, I just love the song. So I wrote the kind of feeling I got from it. Not meant to be lyrics, just the inspiration the song gave me.

You know I'll always be here,
I'll stand here at your side,
We'd fight off any darkness,
We could fill the whole night sky,

But you have her eyes to gaze on,
Her smile- soft and sweet.
Often times I feel so distant,
But yet closer still I reach.

I'll stand here just for you,
Even if I stand apart,
If nothing draws us closer,
I know I've followed through to heart,

I'll stand alone,
Knowing I gave you my all,
I have to thank you for every moment,
Both good or bad, big or small.

So I leave you with this message,
That I loved you from the start,
I've loved you every moment,
In my soul and in my heart.

This must be our last goodbye,
as we walk our seperate ways,
I'll smile for every thing we had,
For our old and sweeter days.

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