Friday, September 23, 2011

Random thoughts for the day:

I can blame the sumarians for screwing up my mind when I was younger. I was always thrown off, because time was counted by 6s (60 minutes to an hour) and money was by 10s. I'd always mix up the two. CURSE YOU SUMARIANS!

There are a few things that tend to die when I am stressed: my skin, my motivation, my social life, my blog, more motivation, and self confidence. But whateves. NBD

Lies are dumb. And gross. Don't tell them.

I'm either really good at reading people, or everyone else is pretty crappy at it. Which is fine either way I guess, because then I get a sort of upper hand. But not really. But maybe someday I will!

...Why is Jimmer here?

Dark colored skin is awesome. Sometimes I wish I wasn't so straight up white. I could be black, or poly. I'd even take some asian. But that's not really gonna change any time soon...

I respect real men! They are awesome too! Too bad they are all really confusing.

I want some yummy food. And someone to cuddle with. I'm cold and hungry.

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