Sunday, October 03, 2010

FAILURE... Meh, it ain't so bad.

You know... sometimes we all get a little bit down, and feel like we just aren't good enough for something, or that we can never be successful. I mean, have you ever just tried to do something and failed terribly? And it wasn't even an epic fail where you messed up so bad it was funny or entertaining? It just sucked?

What's that you say? You have?

Good. You're normal.

Guess what? A lot of people have failed. And not only that, a lot of very successful people have failed time and time again. Want some facts? Listen up...

The Beatles, possibly one of the most successful and famous bands in the history of music, were rejected the first time they went to a recording studio.

Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper for not having enough originality and imagination.

Good ol' Abe Lincoln had so many things happen to him and on top of the fact he lost 8 elections.

That's just to name a few, and they are some of the most iconic people in modern history. There are many others... Just look up someone famous and I am sure they had their share of failure somewhere in their life.

The thing that separates the people who fail and the people who succeed isn't the number of times they have fallen, or how bad they messed up, or how many times they were mocked and looked down upon. No, it's the fact that the people who fail gave up. They let the world get to them. They let someone else tell them what they were worth. Don't let someone else tell you what your best is. And don't limit yourself by saying you know what your best is without testing your own limits.

Yeah, I know failure sucks, we've all been there. But Just don't let it get to you. You're better than that.

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