Wednesday, June 15, 2011

You break it, You buy it.

Yeah I was talking with my friend about being bought instead of being married, and randomly these basic buying rules came to my mind.

You break it, you buy it.
If you aren't satisfied within (insert amount of days here), return it for a full refund.
(insert number of months or years here) warranty!

So maybe this is how some people's minds work when it comes to relationships.

1. If you are broken, people are attracted to you. Or feel obligated to fix you.
2. People make a "commitment" and then back out when things aren't so easy any more to find someone new who is less "complicated"
3. People will stay together a certain amount of time to just test the "warranty"

This sounds awfully pesimistic, but hey! it could be true.

With love,


Catie said...

I think this is all a valid point. Although, there really shouldn't be a return policy on a relationship (I guess I'm thinking more of marriage here though), and people just take it all for granted.

Lolovivi said...

i agree with Catie. And thinking about that i kinda agree... sometimes people look at relationships like an expirament, and in some ways i guess it is, but it deserves more respect than sometimes given.