Monday, January 30, 2012

I Love the Idea of Open Flesh and Synovial Fluid.

Grody grody grody grody grody....

Oh sorry, I'm back from looking at google images of ganglion cysts. I don't recommend it.

And on that happy note, I get surgery tomorrow!! Is it a big deal? Probably not. Sounds like a simple procedure in which they will open my flesh on purpose and remove something my body has naturally produced. 

But grody grody grody....

I don't like open wounds! I don't know how functional my hand will be. Sure, it's not my dominant hand, but still!  I haven't every had my body opened on purpose!! I don't like the sound of it... Sad face :(

Well enough with the complaining. Let's find something positive! 

Like guitar! I like that thing. It's good to me. And honey filled plastic bears. They are good too. 

And this adorable animal I studied in third grade!


The image came up when I searched for the honey bear picture... and I put this picture up instead of said honey bear. It's cuter and a little more unique. Say it with me... "Awww...." :)

Click it. I dare you to deny the cuteness up close as he stares into your soul. 

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