Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I have a thing for big bulgy eyes

Yes. I just posted. But with that kinkajou on my mind I had to post more adorable animals. Here are some of my favorites.

Fox Bats & Fruit Bats

Creepy? Maybe. But look at the eyes!! :D

Pugs & Boston Terriers

Awww, they look so ignorant and cute! The pug is sticking out his tongue!!

Teacup Pigs & Ryan Gosling 

Don't even tell me you can say no to those faces. See here for proof of teacup pigs. And Ryan Gosling... no woman, nay, no man could deny that smolder.

Foxes & Frogs

O hai, just dooin mai fing. Kan I halp yoo? 

Geckos & the Ugly Baby Shark

Even ugly baby shark is cute. Look at his gross bulging eyes! It's like he's just shouting "LOVE ME..." and the gecko is just awesome. And he knows it. 

Cownose Ray & The Blowfish

Water animals are so weird. And just funny. Cownose rays look like they smile from underneath and feel like velvet covered in slime! Aww!! Slime! :D :D

Sea Turtles &Tootless

Well since the sea turtle is one of the few rare animals I have seen in it's habitat, it now holds a place in my heart. And toothless is awkward :)

Anger Management Turtles

No more caption needed.

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Steve L. said...

Toothless is the greatest thing to ever live.