Monday, July 26, 2010


I can't understand.
I feel so confused.
I feel oh so loved,
Yet I feel... simply used.

I know that he's caring,
I know he's for real,
But does he honestly believe,
What he tells me he feels?

What does it mean,
When I think to let go?
Am I going insane?
Or do my true feelings show?

He treats me with love,
But yet there is something he lacks...
Or is it just me,
Not cutting him slack?

I should know by now,
Exactly where I stand,
I just find it hard to solve
The puzzle that's at hand.

I don't want to hurt him,
Or cause myself pain,
I just want to stop
Before we both lose at this game.

I don't want to lose him,
But I think that it's time.
It's been lingering here
In the back of my mind.

I know that we'd be happier,
If only we we,re appart.
But he should know that he'd still have a place right here...
A place within my heart.

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