Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Have you really carried over what you used to hold so dear?
These superficial glances are confirming all my fears.

You never honestly cared about who I am or what I'm to be,
you just wanted to use me up, and steal the better part of part of me.

You treat me like it's a pity that a girl should be as I,
But you won't let me go, I'm your limitless supply...

If you ever need a booster, someone to tell you of your worth,
I treat you as you're gold, while I'm lowly simple dirt.

I'm the girl who doesn't matter, the one who's always there,
The one who doesn't care about your perfectly done hair.

If I am to make a mistake, you've been quick to be my judge,
Even when I've let it go, you still seem to hold the grudge.

I'm the friend who entertains, who always follows through,
Who keeps your smallest secrets, accepts the things you do.

But when the others crowd around, I am lost and left behind,
Have I so simply been swept away from the spaces of your mind?

I'm exhausted of your lying, your tiresome deceit,
So I'm retreating from this battle of imminent defeat.

It's clearly been here from the start, the truth from long before,
It's not the me that I hold inside- it's the surface you adore.

1 comment:

Lolovivi said...

I've been told that i was just pretty and that i had no real personality and basically that i was just a consolation prize....