Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Phantom Train

This train has no tracks, but yet it leads ever beyond-
Forward marches the engine to it's melancholy song.
Complimentary is the journey for those who choose to ride,
But those who haven't "paid the cost" are those who cannot hide.

For the land is no-man's land from which this train departs,
Leading on the souls of those who have departed from their hearts.
And the living have no place among the train's solemn coaches,
But the dead are free to enter as their rail car slowly approaches

So until we reach the day when your time has come and gone,
Remember to steer clear of that engine's groaning song.
Your soul will then cross over, when you have nothing left to gain,
The lost, the hopeless, the deceased, all pass on- by way of the Phantom Train.

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