Monday, March 07, 2011

Call Me if You Need Me

How about I just hide away for the next few weeks? Sounds better all the time. It's quite possible that I could solve quite a few problems by just not exsisting for awhile. I feel as though I do more harm then help for my friends and family, so I'll just go lie in bed for the next forever. When someone wants me, they can come take me away and we can go have our own time. Until that time arrives, I will sleep, maybe do homework, eat food and watch movies. Movies full of happiness.

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Lady Carolyn said...

Hang in there, Hannah. I have felt that way so many times! Just remember, I think you're fantastic. The good thing about life, is that ups follow the downs.
:) Don't hide too long. And next time you are bored, come say Hi. We're only a few blocks from Grandpa's.