Monday, March 14, 2011

Stuffs 'N More Stuffs

Well, here's a bunch of random thoughts I've been saving up for the past few days. Here ya go.

#1 I realized yesterday that I will, sometime in the next 10 years (or so) I will have to change my name due to marriage. I always knew that someday my last name would change, but it suddenly hit me yesterday... I will be Mrs. (insert new last name here)... for the rest of my life. Little kids will learn my name as Mrs. So and so instead of Thomas. This kind of makes me a little sad... I like my last name. It's boring to some I suppose, but I rather enjoy it. It fits me.

#2 I soo wish I could sing well. I can sing a tune, but not well. I wish I could sing jazz, like the song the jazz band performs called "Misty". I have fallen in love with that song. It makes me feel like cuddling and being in love. (Just for the record, I am so jealous of her voice... That is a voice that has some serious power.) But hey, maybe I'll improve, I am trying out for a capella after all. Woo?

#3 I have no idea what I am particularly good at. I do lots of stuff, but I am not really good at any one thing. I love music, art, writing, science, being physically active, and as much as I hate to admit it, I kind of like math when I understand it and I can do it. But I am not amazing at any of that. I need to just pick something and become great at it. Any votes?

#4 My social life is all over the place. Why is it that when one thing settles down something else is stirred up? I don't get it. But whatever! I am happy with my crazy life!

#5 I have the ability to be good at stuff, I just haven't tried to be really good at anything. Gah... I miss the days when I was one of the best at the things I did with just natural ability. Too bad I never kept up on anything I did. Meh, now I just have to work even harder to be good at something.

#6 I think I might actually totally love martial arts. I've only done it once so far, but I really liked it. And I totally need to be able to defend myself. So we will see where that goes.

#7 If you actually read this blog, you should comment on this and say something. It doesn't even have to be related. I am just curious as to who actually reads this junk. Because it's kinda pointless usually. But I love you! :D



Nicole said...

Hannah dear, I read you! (haha, get the pun?...okay not funny)
Anyways I was going to comment anyways and tell you that I have had the EXACT same thoughts about my new last name after marriage. It's weird to think that we've grown up our whole life with our last name and then suddenly it will change and we will have to respond to that. Especially since I love my last name too!

Sometimes I insert other last names with mine, but they never sound as good :)

Lolovivi said...

i feel the same about all... but i've been doing martial arts for like sixish months... your blog is not junk the next time you think that look at mine... I don't really have a social life... you are amazing much more amazing than some.

emmaiskool said...

Hannah Banana....I'm sort of on a rhyming kick, but oh well, k I'll make this quick. (AH man...this is what happens when you speak in rhymes for a whole period, your brain starts coming up with a myriad of words) Anyways, I love you and the name thing/social life/everything - the martial arts I get too :] Love reading your blog! You write out the thoughts I always think....

Rayne said...

So... sometimes you totally know how I feel.
how I feel.
Yupp. That happens.
Just sayin':)