Monday, March 21, 2011

Ride the Waves

I'm going to get away for a while. Even if it's only in my dreams.

I'll find a way to visit that sandy beach again. I'll get back to those waters and try surfing, standing on my own feet while the waves push me back to shore, where I will find friendly faces that welcome me back, even if my ride wasn't successful. I'll paddle back out, and wait for the right wave to come so I can try again and again to stand up on my own until I get it right.

It's funny how this is like an analogy for life.

I miss surfing. I only did it once, but I loved it. More than that, I loved being there with what I claim as my family. I miss that whole trip. I miss those wonderful people and the great times I had with them.

I know I haven't always been the best, but I want to have that back again. I'm sorry I'm such a punk. Let's just go back to how things were. Deal?

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