Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wisdom to my Callow Youth

With lines and the spaces in between I could better express the thoughts in side my head,
A fragile, delicate melody with bittersweet voice that sings to me.
With ledger lines that reach the height of it's fervent emotion, and extend below the lows of our grief,
But with these words I will try to convey.

Love not lost, but love not nourished,
Was never expected in such conditions
To last this long; to ever flourish,
With such naive and young ambitions

This heart- that never was breached,
Delights in the bona fide truth,
Twas the genuine truth that I beseeched,
And brought wisdom to my callow youth.

Relief that things could conclude so well,
Has brought me piece of mind,
Remember now to look only forward
And leave the past behind.

Oh the day will come,
When two will be as one;
The day when our hearts will find their pairs
But for now we will rest,
Nor yet pursue loves quest,
And simply enjoy the briskness of this autumn air

With Love,

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