Saturday, November 27, 2010

Boy Fast

I should just buck up, and go on a boy fast. You heard me, a boy fast.

I read some article the other day on sparknotes (yeah, I'm a bad kid, I know) about a girl who went on a boy fast, she just gave up thinking about boys in a romantic way. I think I need one of those. It's not like I can marry them yet anyways (despite the fact I day dream about that consistently). I'll just go around, thinking about other things! I have lots of other things to occupy my mind.

For example, I could focus on getting my licence, go driving and listen to some music to clear my head. I could think about what I am going to get friends and family for Christmas, because it's that time of year! I could figure out a song with my new ap music knowledge. And I can focus on my friends problems, because every one has problems. Why not try and help them out?

Why should I make myself miserable and make a boy the main focus of my life when I am not his? (And rightfully so, it's so not the time to focus on that kind of thing! [I say that to make myself feel a bit better...]) It seems like I am just setting myself up for heart ache if you ask me.

Either way, I am just gonna be happy. Things are as they are :)

With logical happy emotion,

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