Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Giving of Thanks and Gratitude! :D

Ah yes, it is that time of year again! The Wonderful day of Thanksgiving!

When I think about my life, I can't help but wonder why I am so blessed. I take so many things for granted. Sometimes I probably act like a bit of a snot too, considering all the simple things in life that help keep me sane. I mean, when I look at the friends and family I have... I can't even begin to describe how much I love them, and how grateful I am that they are in my life. They are basically the reason I can get up in the morning. Sometimes I may seem like a jerk to them or say some stupid stuff, but I could never live without them.

I could continue to list a bunch of material things that I have, and I am definitely grateful for, but I don't see why you'd like to read about that. It's more important to know that I love this country, my family, my friends, and my God. So hats off to you.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and don't forget to tell someone you love them and how ya feel! They'll love it :)

With Much Love and a Full belly,

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