Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's Music to My Ears

After having a blog for nearly a year, I finally figured out how to put on a stupid playlist! Woot! You'll find it has quite an arrangement of music. I mean, where else would you find Yellowcard, Allred and video game music all in one place? If you find another place, do tell. I would need to meet this person.

Anyway, This is only a very small selection of some of my favorites. I have far too many wonderful songs to try and put all in one playlist... plus, some of my favorites are impossible to find. Curses!

Don't you guys just love music though? I mean, it just speaks to your soul. It can totally change your mood too. Sometimes not always for the better, but it has a way of cheering me up when I am down. There is music for any thing you want, I mean really!

You wanna go run around and be crazy? They have songs for that. You wanna sit by the fire and cuddle up in a blanket? They got it!

So what I am trying to say really, is that I love music. The end. :)

With Love,

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