Monday, November 22, 2010

Mawwige is what bwings us togethaw, todawy.

Can I just be grown up and married now?

That'd be cool. I mean I know being married has got to have it's stressful times, not to mention a ton of responsibility, but at least it's responsibility and stress that matters. Not like being a stupid teenager. Haha but I'll get there someday.

I just want to have that husband who will adore you and treat you well and be just awesome like a husband should be. Someone who is your best friend, but loves you in a way that means more. Someone who would tease you, but then when you are feelin' blue he knows exactly what to say. Honest love. Now that'd be sweet.


McKann said...

Wow, yes. We are so very similar in this aspect. Holy cow.

Nicole said...

Can we all be friends? And then have a sleepover where we talk about stuff like this? Ok love y'all :)

Hannah J. said...

Yeah that sounds pretty fantastic to me. I vote yes. :)