Friday, November 19, 2010

Why did you have to change?

So I am kinda just not so happy with someone in my life right now. So I am going to vent some stuff... In poetry! Yay! I'm just in a grumpy mood at the moment. Maybe it's because I haven't eaten all day. Which I am about to go fix by makin' me some eggs. Anyway, have fun reading.

When I look at her eyes,
tears are filling my own...
her's are big and brown and beautiful,
and mine feel so alone.

Well she's got the smile,
That drives the boys wild,
But she doesn't seem to care
She leads them all on,
and soon she's gone;
she left them in the cold winter air.

She's always been loved,
She's become her own star,
But she never seems to see my tears.
I'm just waiting for my time to shine,
A time when they'll finally see that I'm here.

Go ahead and live in your vanity,
Be the girl everyone expects of you,
Pretend to like what you're trying to be,
And act like it's nothing new.

If only she saw why I am hurt,
Then maybe she'd understand...
I'm only envious because I feel that she's just following what the world demands

She can look on past me,
What should I care?
I'll just pretend she was never there.
And I'll give my energy to someone new,
Someone who respects me and loves me for the things that I do.

I miss the you you used to be,
but you've changed the way things are done.
So when I feel the misery,
I'll remember the person you've become.

Your hungry, upset friend,


Susan said...

My dear niece Hannah. You have an awesome blog. I appreciate when people know how to use words well. You are a very expressive and lyrical writer. (and humourous as well). You can see it in all aspects of your writing, not just the poetry. It is one of my hobbies as well. Have you seen your grandpa Thomas' poems? I believe it is a trait that runs in the family. Keep up the good work! You have gained a new avid follower and I am looking forward to reading more of your words:).

Anonymous said...

Dear Hannah,
Your brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Who is this about? You're wonderful!