Monday, February 07, 2011

100 Posts and I still Don't Have Anything Important to Say!

Happy 100th post! Yay for me writing way to many pointless things! :D

Anyway, down to business.

Education perplexes me. We took a practice ACT in English, and I didn't think I did that well. I missed 10 of the questions, so I felt like I wasn't doing so hot. Turns out I had the highest score in the class, by about 7 questions. If I remember correctly, I got a 29 as a score. Not only that, but technically that's good enough to get into BYU.

Say what??

While BYU isn't a college I am really set on going to (unless it's BYU Hawaii [and most probably think I am crazy for not having my heart set on BYU]), I felt pretty good knowing I was eligible get in. I've always been under the impression that you had to be perfect to get into BYU, so I felt pretty good watching everyone yell at me in disgust and jealousy. Especially when I didn't think I did that well.

I needed that, because I have felt like an epic fail when it comes to school. Everyone has these perfect 4.0's and they take incredibly hard classes, and I can't seem to maintain a decent grade until the end of the term in certain classes. Someone please explain to me how my brain works. Why can I do fantastic on tests like practice ACTs and Get nearly a perfect score on the DRP, but I can't get all A's? Someone train me or something. I think the potential is there, I just can't seem to motivate myself to work. Time to kick my butt into gear!!

Love, your highly confused friend,


Bao the Ha said...

You know how young I don't like seafood? Well you and me could be twins from 2 different races. I suck at classes but my scores are dece. We should get together over some coffee/hot chocolate and talk about violent (educational) games sometime and chips

Hannah J. said...

I like this plan Bao, let's do it. Yay for twins who are different ages and have different races! :)