Friday, February 04, 2011


It's about time I made a good change for myself. I think I will do that! Goals would be a good start. So, here it goes.

- Do my homework. And actually try to get good grades by learning. Yes, I can pass my classes with a pretty good grade in most cases without really trying, but then I feel like I haven't gotten anything out of it. Let's fix that.

-Practice music more often. Clarinet, Guitar, and AP music stuff, not to mention potentially low brass. I've got plenty to work at, so might as well do it.

- Start doing things I enjoy again. I love sketching and painting, going on walks, writing poems, and lots more. I can spend more time doing that.

- Have a real social life. Virtual ones are great, but I need to get out there and socialize more in person instead of through facebook or texting. Real friends are more fun.

- Read more. I don't read for pleasure really, which is probably weird. I just need to find some good books that have deeper meaning rather than a semi entertaining plot. Got any suggestions?

- As much as I hate to say the next two, I need to start working out and keeping my room sparkling clean. Between both of those, I should be in a better mood more often.

- Stop worrying about social things. I don't worry to a large extent, but I worry about them often. That puts me in a not so great mood. So I should stop worry about boys and friends and things like that so often. Real friends will stick around, and boys will always come and go. The people who care and matter will never give up on you. That's the important thing.

- Start establishing who I am and stop being pushed around. I like to please people too much, and sometimes it hurts me in the end. So I will do what I think is best for everyone, not just what I think is best for them. That means I have got to be more real and make rules for myself. I am still always going to look out for others, but I need to make sure I am not making things harder on myself too.

- Just love everyone. I try to do that already, but there is always room for improvement. :)

Do you have any suggestions or goals you are making for yourself? Or ones you think I could add on to my list? Please share!


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