Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sou-clari-guard. My Very Own Section!

I'm beginning to feel like the ultimate band nerd.

Okay, I don't quite deserve that title, because I sure have a lot to learn. But, I am slowly getting there :)

And by "I have a lot to learn" I mean an entire instrument, and how to march all different ways. Because it is looking like I will be playing the beastly sousa for the Pearl Harbor Project. Basically, it will be a party. Heck yeah!

Confused? Good!

It's not official, but it might be tomorrow. I told DF that if he needed someone to switch to low brass, I was more than willing. But we never really did anything about it. As it turns out, two of the sousas will not be able to go now, so they are needing the extra support. So yay for sousa!

Now I am fairly certain that everyone in band will be confused as to what I do. People last year knew me as the clarinet player in concert band. People this year know me as the color guard girl and clarinet player. People next year will know me as a sousa, clarinet player who hangs around with the guard. Next year, if I try out as drum major and make it, they would know me as the sousa clarinetist guard girl who some how managed to make drum major, and has a purple trumpet. I feel like I should take percussion, just to cover all my bases. (Ha! Bases... like bass drum. No pun was intended. [yes, I honestly laughed out loud when I realized what I said. I am that lame.])

...Are you starting to see what I mean by ultimate band nerd here?
I'm loving it :)

With strange, band-crazed love,

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Nicole said...

Oh Hannah, I absolutely love your band nerdiness :)
And you're trying out for Drum Major this year?? Oh girl we MUST talk! :)