Monday, February 21, 2011

I love my Daddy

I love my father. I love all my family of course, but I recently have been reminded what a good man he is. And how much I love him.

So on saturday, my brother did something that really made me mad (understatement of the week). Some of you may think that I never get mad, which is generally true. But what my brother did pushed me over the line. I managed to control myself from reacting, (besides saying things in my head and possibly calling him a not so nice name to his face) which was good. While sitting at the kitchen table the next day, my mom was told me not to be so mad at my brother, and that I should let it go. We filled in my dad on what happened, and he didn't say much. I then said that I had never been so tempted to flip someone off in my life. He began to smile, almost to say that he would have approved. Thank you father, for taking my side. (just to clarify, I never did flip him off, nor have I ever flipped anyone off, and I don't plan to.)

And, today, I decided to talk to him a bit. I told him that a cute guy had gotten my number somehow and he texted me randomly. He then replied "Oh it wasn't random." I was confused, so I asked him to clarify. "Well, he meant to text you right?" I nodded. "Then it wasn't random." My daddy sure knows how to make me smile. We then talked for a good long while, and I felt a lot better about almost everything going on in life. He makes me feel like I am worth something, and that what I say matters. I love that man.

What can I say? I'm a daddy's girl.


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