Sunday, February 13, 2011

That's Why There's a Holiday For It!!

It's about that time of the year again. The day when every single is surrounded by couples celebrating love. Ahh what a terrible holiday.

"Love isn't real!! That's why there's a holiday for it!!"... Spoken like a true cynic!

But it's not all so bad. My parents always give the kids something for Valentine's Day, and since everyone was at the house today, they gave out the gifts early. I sat quietly in the corner of the kitchen while each brother and his wife received a lovely basket with chocolate and popcorn and other such things for a couples movie night. My father then presented me with my box of chocolates, a candle and a card. The card contained an itunes gift card for 25 bucks. Ooh parents, you know me so well. It's like they planed me this perfect single's-valentine's-day-survival kit.

I actually don't hate Valentine's Day all that much. It's fun to make cards and baked goods for your friends and loved ones. I enjoy being nice to my pals. But it'd be nice to be somone's valentine for once. Til then, I will continue to make ridiculous cards and yummy foods.

With Love,

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