Sunday, February 20, 2011

Music and Emotions

There are a couple songs that I have been stuck on recently. I just can't help but listen to them before bed. One night, I couldn't fall asleep. I pulled out my little random writing notebook and listened to the song, writing down the first words that popped into my head. I guess you could call it poetry...? It doesn't have rhyme or meter or anything that I usually do, but I liked it enough to share it. I've now gone through and put down the rough words into a more organized format and built on it. It's nothing fancy, and probably kind of lame, so I hope I don't ruin your image of these songs. Because no matter what you feel from them, they are very powerful.

I would recommend listening to the song then reading it, or vise-versa. Or reading it while listening. It doesn't quite match up with length of course, but the words to respond to certain parts of the song. Enjoy

(Clair De Lune by Debussy)

To lie in some one's arms,
Comfort recognized and shown.
Smiling softly in some one's embrace.
Ah, what feelings warm my heart.
Will I know such honest love?
Or will I sit in the dark for a time,
Waiting for someone to steal me away?

Day dreams, only day dreams,
To live in while the sun shines on my skin.
What beautiful dreams they are.
It brings me hope, that someday...
I can feel their sweetness
Their purity and warmth.

The endless pleasure and the endless care,
That two can bring together.
They give unselfishly,
They give up some hopes to build other realities,
To find their true happiness,
Together as one.
One, and only one.

The warmth that comes when two can rely on each other.
I wait in those day dreams,
That someday they will be real.
A reality which I would gladly accept

(A Lark Ascending by Van Williams)

Emotions that pull from the depth of the soul,
Yearning to be set free
From the logic that keeps them caged.
To sing sweetly from the heart,
And give breath to that which lies dormant-
Give others the courage to be heard from within.

Let it be known that we breath a sigh of relief when we sing with such fullness,
Now we may rest and be whole,
no longer fearing that which composes our very being.

Sparks of energy ignite excitement,
And pulls our humor from the gloom that
seems to cloud any daily lack of love.

Yet at the end of it all,
When are we without love?
What moment goes by without passion?
Gloom and despair are nothing
but a product of a love unfulfilled.

Sing again sweet lark,
Ascend to meet the creator of love himself.

With love,

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Zach said...


You have turned emotions into words! though they don't match up exactly to MY interpretations, you still have managed to say your thoughts with words. It is something I've never been capable of. :P