Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Thanks for a Great Day :)

Today was... nice. :)
For the first time in a while, I felt really happy about the day. Sure, math made me want to cry on the inside a little bit, but other than that, I felt fantastic! I felt appreciated, and interesting, and cared about. I was excited, I was energetic, I felt alive. Woot! It's funny how a few little things can change your day.

Over all, my classes went well. I did almost all my homework (stupid math...) and I felt good about my classes. I've made a friend in my history class, which helps me to stay awake a little better. Mr. Larsen now trusts me to run the system for him in AP music while basically everyone is gone on tour, so I feel trusted, which is nice. And Shelton just makes me laugh (Need I say more?). I recieved hugs from many of the people who I never get hugs from, which was just awesome. The basketball game was just amazing! I got to play baritone, hang with some of my favorite people, eat food, get a massage, and watch an amazing come back and win. It was great!

Another great thing about today is that I actually had a conversation with someone after school. Not just a quick "hey, how are ya?" "Good! you?" "Swell!" kind of small talk conversation, but an actual conversation that involved multiple topics! He just sat down next to me, and bam! Words were exchanged. I never knew it was so simple. I guess I am just too shy to approach someone and get to know them by talking. I'm not much of an ice breaker, but I appreciate it when other people are (mostly because I don't want to say something stupid or uneducated, or seem like I am as socially awkward as I am [you see, this is why I act crazy sometimes, is because I can't socialize like a normal human. Go figure.]).

I don't think I have had one of those good talks with anyone besides my best friend in a really, really long time. In fact, I don't know if I have ever had a real conversation in person with someone I am not ridiculously close to. It was really refreshing, and a much better way to socialize. Heck, it was fun! I feel like I am actually gaining a friendship instead of a synthetic friendship. It makes me hate the fact that I rely so heavily on facebook and text for social contact when I could do something like that more often.

I think the best thing about today was that over all, I felt noticed. I wasn't all dolled up and cute, but I felt cute, and most importantly, myself. I felt like people wanted to be with me for who I am. I was comfortable being in my over-sized hoodie and hat. I haven't really had people come and make the effort to honestly socialize with me before, so I really appreciated it.

Yeah, this post isn't all that exciting. Frankly, the text sounds boring and repetitive. And it's not very well put together. But I had to let the people out there know that I am really greatful for all they do for me. Apparently I have troubles expressing it properly, so I'll just say this. Thank you. You guys know who you are :) I couldn't ask for better people in my life.

I know you're never gonna let me down :)

With love,

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