Sunday, January 02, 2011

Better When Left in Dreams

Yeah, it sounds a little... emo. But it's poetry. That's what 90% of it is. Hope you enjoy it anyway :)

Better When Left in Dreams

I thought out all of the chances,
The plans I knew would never come true;
My silly and classical days dreams of you.

But I regret second glances,
I'm relying on memories and thoughts I have saved
That constantly remind me of the proper way to behave.

How naively can I continue to act?
Under what pressure will my barrier snap?

While my emotions run ramped,
I remind myself to think,
What kind of person pushes their own sanity to the brink?

What kind of cause is worth pain to the heart?
Of what value is it when you know you must eventually part?

Reality leaves me no sweet song to sing,
And I realize that it's all better when left in dreams.

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