Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Just a Square Peg.

Everyone wants to be different,
but most just want to fit in.
They all want to be loved,
But they hardly let people inside.
Many preach about acceptance,
But accept only those that meet a certain criteria.
Nobody wants to lie,
But few take the heat comes with honesty.
They don't like drama,
But manage to create it.
Everyone wants good results,
But results are the product of effort.
They say to hope and believe and have faith for a brighter day,
But when they get down, they want proof things will improve.

Most of all, no one wants to feel alone

These people have names. These people have lives. These people have troubles and problems. These people are what we call Human. And let's face it, we are all human. If you ask me, the human conscience is at war with itself constantly.

The problem is, we have trouble picking a side. The one that fits closer to reality and honesty, or the one that is idealistic. Do you conform and fit society's rules to be "happy" because you have the ideal life that you are pressured to have? Or do you go against the world and be happy with yourself, but continue to feel like you fall short because of society's "norm"?

The reason I think we all feel alone and unsatisfied? The main cause of feeling inadequate or unsure?

Everyone wants to be different,
but most just want to fit in.

You can't be both.

Being different means you are yourself. Being different means that you take what you are, flaws and all. Fitting in requires you to morph yourself into something you aren't, to find a better sense of belonging. But what you want most is what determines your choice.

Fewer people who you mesh with, who connect with you on a real level, honestly care for you, who are harder to find, but worth the effort...


More people who you adjust to fit, who get along fine, and are readily available, but seem to miss that true connection?

Are we just a bunch of different shapes trying to fit into a very small, perfectly round, and widely accepted hole?

I hope not. I like different shapes. If you ask me, it's not about fitting in, but accepting someone for who they are. Once you get past the awkward stage, life is swell. Unless you have an awkward friendship by choice. Then it's fine. :)

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Rayne said...

I read this a while ago, but I just read it again, and I love it. It's so frustratingly true. Why do our desires have to fight with each other? It seems like just knowing how ridiculous it is to want to be something you're not, would change and make that want evaporate...but it doesn't. Learning to be comfortable and happy with just being you takes so much work and effort. But, it's all worth it once you get there.