Thursday, January 06, 2011

The Knee -A (silly) Pain that Will Not Be Easily Forgotten (part 2)

As promised, I shall share with you the story of my "Darth Vader" scar, as I like to call it. Enjoy :)

It was the first real day of summer after sixth grade, and who doesn't want to celebrate graduating elementary school? (Oh what I wouldn't give to go back... how could you look forward to the gloom of middle school?) Not to long before that, my brother Blake moved out and we removed the carpet in his room. His old room is across from my old room, and in between there is the wood floor of the hallway. Since we ripped out the carpet, there was a bit of an edge where the doorway was. Nothing big, but you could easily stumble over it.

When he moved out, we relocated some of the spare computers we had to his old room so we could actually use them. And with the cement floor, I thought it sounded awesome to blast music in there! My brothers and my parents were out fixing up the duplex so a different brother, Trevor, could move into it with his wife. Thus, no one was home. I could rock out as loud as I wanted to.

If you read my previous post, you are aware that my friend Maddy was present when I shattered my tooth. Well, she is kind of my bad luck charm or something. Because I decided to invite her over so we celebrate together. We sang many a song, but after a while, it got old. We thought it'd be legit to spice things up and get out the strobe light we had in the closet. Dance around in the flashing light that seems to freeze time. Heck yeah!

We got out the dusty old thing, and set it up. We had waaaay too much fun. But we thought we would invite over another friend to make it a mad dance party. Our dear friend Matthew to be exact. But he would take a while to get to my house, for he had to walk. So we continued our fun.

We then heard ominous footsteps up stairs. My brother Colton came home, and came down stairs, asking us what the heck we were doing. We just laughed and explained how bored we were and how much fun we were having. So he left us alone... For a short while.

Not long after, he came back with is air soft gun, and chased us all over the house. He didn't actually shoot us, but it was still frightening. We ran back downstairs to the room we had been partying in, and turned off the normal light, but the strobe light stayed on. We hid in the closet, knowing he would probably find us, but it was the only option we had left!

Slowly he crept down the hallway... and you could hear each step echo. Sitting in the dark, your heart begins to race! It was like a horror movie! He went into my room, came back out, and came into the room where we were hiding. He walked up to the closet and paused dramatically. Suddenly, he opened the closet door, and I booked it out of there as fast as I could! Yeah, disaster waiting to happen.

I ran out, but the strobe light was on. I couldn't see what I was doing very well. And little did I know my tiny dog was in the room too. The light flashed, and I saw him just in time to try to jump over him... Somehow I stumbled in the process...


My knee slammed head on into that dull ledge of the wood floor in the hallway. I let out a banshee scream and my brother freaked out. He rushed and turned on the light, just in time for me to see the skin separate and gush blood. I let out another very loud scream, as you can imagine. Quickly, I grabbed around my my knee not touching the cut and just sat there freaking out. He scooped me up and we went upstairs where we wrapped it in toilet paper and one of those sports wraps to try and stop the bleeding.

During this time, Matthew showed up at the door. He was a bit confused to see me on the couch with tears streaming down my face and my leg slightly purplish-blue from the lack of circulation it waws receiving (my brother wrapped it really tight). They sat and laughed while my brother re-wrapped it. Thanks a lot guys :P

So we called my parents and told them I needed Trevor, who worked at the hospital as an EMT, to come check it out and see how bad it was. It took a while, but eventually they showed up. He said I needed stitches for sure, so off we went to the urgent care. It took them like 2 hours to get me back, because they never gave us the stupid paper work... By that time, I just wanted to get it done and over with. The lady asked how it happened, and I just kinda laughed while I tried to explain how I managed to split my knee open by falling on a wood floor. She was extremely confused, and stopped asking questions. Then injected my knee with some weird stuff that made it go all cool and numb. But it only got weirder from there. When they started to sew me up, I could feel the thread go through my skin, like I could feel it tug, but I couldn't feel the pain. Sooo trippy.

Eventually it was done. I received 12 stitches, and my knee looked like a baseball for a while; A very prune-like baseball. Yumm....

I couldn't run or swim for the first two weeks of summer, so instead I sat in front of the TV and played twilight princess with a tub of peanut butter and a spoon by my side. It was pretty epic. At least I beat the game, right?

And now, the scar looks kind of like Darth Vader's breathing vent when I squish it all together. I often draw faces on it and laugh. :)


Zach said...

That is pretty much epic. Really sad and terrifying but slightly funny. Your witty tone makes it even funnier than it should be. :P

Hannah J. said...

It probably sounds way more humorous than how I felt about it at the time, but I think it's hilarious when I look back on it now. Haha I'm glad you liked it :)