Saturday, January 08, 2011

An Emo's Musical

I probably post waay to often on this thing, (and I know it's probably annoying that I have changed the look of this blog twice in the past week), but I'm kind of addicted to it. It's a beautiful thing.

Anyway, since my past two posts were ridiculously long, I decided this one shall be short.

Today was basically amazing. I skipped first period because I felt sick, came to school for my favorite classes, found out I went up quite a few chairs in band (Yay for not failing!!!!! :D :D :D) And I went to my friends kick awesome party where we shot nerf guns, watched signs, ate chocolate, and I sang with the raspy sick voice as loud as I could. Twas an adventure. :)

And, my treat for you today is a fun little video my brother and some friends made a few years back. I was the camera girl for the first half. And might I add that many of the funny parts were my ideas (okay, I thought they were funny, your opinion may vary)

And now,

An Emo's Musical

Note: Yes, he was eating those dog treats. Yes, he is wearing eye liner. I mean uh- GUY liner. Don't question. Just love.

.... Life is like an empty cookie jar...

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