Monday, January 24, 2011

Meat Boy and Bandage Girl

You can't tell me that's not adorable.

Okay, you can. But I'd call you a dirty liar. Or a heartless being with no soul (and, even I did call you such terrible things, I would do so lovingly).

But basically, I love Meat Boy. He's so cute! I could go for being Bandage Girl! :D

I mean, when a guy is willing to jump through crazy levels of insanity, involving saws, lasers, piles of needles, crazy blob things, the Evil Doctor Fetus, and who knows what else, how can you not love him??

I love a piece of meat... Yeah, that's saying something. At least he is a cute piece of meat.

On a different note, I heard that a guy filled a girl's room with balloons to ask her to Sweethearts. Oh the many clever ways that boys ask. It's so cute. :)

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McKann said...

Here's your mission: get a cute boy to ask ME in a cute way. Then you will have succeeded. Hahaha. Just kidding.