Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Don't be Shy, Come on and Give it a Try! Tell the Girl!

I just want to grab a good guy, cuddle up next to him, cry on his shoulder and sit there in his arms for a while. Maybe he could talk with me too. Yup. That'd be good.

Yeah, it probably sounds retarded, but that's what I need. I've been having a tough time and I just want someone to cry on and someone to hug me really tight. And guys just do that better than girls. Anyway, that is all beside the point.

You know what would be nice too? If things worked out this simply:

The Guy- Hey, I like you.
Me- I happen to like you as well! Maybe we could hang out some time and get to know each other better. Because I honestly enjoy your company, and I don't like you for some stupid lusty reason. I like you as a person! I would like to spend more time with you!
The Guy- Sounds great to me! I'd love to take you on a date some time too!
Me- Hecks yeah! :D

The Other Guys- Hey, I like you.
Me- You are awesome, and I totally love being your friend, but I am not attracted to you in that way at this time. It's nothing personal, but my thoughts are currently occupied with someone else. I still love you though!
The Other Guys- Yeah, that's cool, no worries. Let's hang out still!
Me- Hecks yeah! :D

Not just for me, but for everyone. Can you imagine how much easier high school would be? Gah... Why can we not simplify things?

I don't know about other girls, but I personally wouldn't act awkward if I knew a guy liked me, even if I didn't like him (as seen above). Boys should just take the chance! Tell the girl you like her, especially if you think she might like you too! Telling someone you like them isn't a proposal, and it won't kill you. Heck, if you tell her you like her, she might grow to like you in that way because she sees how you treat her or how much she really cares about you. Plus no matter what, it will probably make her feel good. Knowing you are liked at all in any form is great. Knowing you are liked in that way is even better. Unless you are waiting for the perfect moment or you don't want to ruin something, just tell her. It's much worse never knowing what could have happened, for both of you.

With love,

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