Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Plants Vs. Zombies is More Productive Than Homework!


For the past, oh I don't know... hour or so, I have been playing Plants Vs. Zombies instead of doing homework. At first, I felt a little guilty. Then I found a way that I can relate all my homework to it!

1. The game is a battle. You are fighting a defensive battle against the zombies, of course. This is much like trench warfare in World War 1. And we learned that when you fight a defensive battle in trench warfare, your chances of winning are 4:1. US History? check.

2. The game has music, which I listened to for some time. I listed to the kind of quality the songs had, major or minor. I tried to look at how it related to the setting because it changed when I went from the night level to the day level with the pool. AP Music? check.

3. The plants use the energy of the sun, which you must collect to plant more...plants. This requires photosynthesis, which is a part of chemistry. Which means... Chemistry? check.

4. Plants have roots. My math homework has nth roots. Roots and roots. Math? check.

5. I just barely used a logical fallacy (a false analogy to be specific, assuming that two things are alike in all aspects because they are alike in one aspect) English? check.

6. I had to think fast, and make sure I could accurately plant where I wanted to quickly. Which increases my hand eye coordination and my ability to read what's in front of me quickly. I need this for clarinet. Band? check.

7. I mention zombies in the yearbook somewhere. Yearbook? check.

So when you look at it, I was much more productive in that one hour, because I covered all my classes in one fell swoop! I don't need your homework! Ha!

Yeah... the teachers aren't going to like that much...

...Well, I guess I'm off to do homework now. It was worth a shot.

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emmaiskool said...

Oh Hannah!

In my opinion, you've got Yearbook covered....though, Mr. Sutherland might thinks otherwise. This is genius.

Good Luck with your Homework :]