Monday, January 03, 2011

Energy Dangerously Low!

Mmm... Today was not my day. Yeah, not so much.

I woke up somewhat sleep deprived, thanks to the break and my terrible sleeping habits. And I also found that I have plantar fasciitis (an annoying constant pain in the heal of your foot, which stays there for how ever long it pleases, and I've heard gets worse with time). To add to the not so wonderful morning, I had to say good bye to my brother, because he and his family left this morning to go back to Arizona. I'm not a fan of saying good bye. All in all, the morning wasn't so great.

School was meh. It felt unusually dream like. Mostly because I had to think about the audition all day. Which, when the time came, I had the urge to say "FUDGE!!" Really loud after all my mistakes. Like sight reading only the first line of the page. Then waiting for him to tell me to move on, and realizing that he expected the whole song to be played. FAIL. Haha I think it's rather comical actually.

But my friends made the day feel a lot better. Most of them told me that things would be alright, and that they screwed up too. Or just gave me really big hugs and told me things that make the day better. Yay good friends!

And for a treat, I share with you the song that kind of expresses my mood today. Gotta love that Final Fantasy 6 music, it always has the balance of emotion that I need to give myself sometimes.

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