Sunday, January 09, 2011

Sources of Motivation = Domination

Today, I did something that I thought was impossible for me.


By twice, I mean I accomplished two things which I thought to be physically impossible for me. Not just physically improbable, but impossible. Dang straight!! My motivation? Metroid, Band, and frustration. Yeah... It's probably kinda sad. Oh well.

I played Metroid for a few hours today (like... at least 3 or 4... But that's not the impossible part. In fact, this is indeed quite normal for me. Yay for power ups!... I think I played too much...) So it reminded me of the song "Kraid's Lair", and the wonderful acoustic version I heard of it on youtube the other day. I love that song. It's so... eerie. I found that it had tabs, and I was like "Heck yes. This is happening".

Ten minuets later I said to myself "Fudge! I can't do this!" In the very beginning of the song, you have to stretch your pinky pretty far. For normal people, it would be a bit of a challenge. For me and my abnormally small hands, it felt hopeless. But alas, I did it. And I still felt like there was no way I could learn the song because of the confusing fingerings. But, it took my mind off things, and I had nothing better to do. I practiced for a good long while, and wadda ya know? So far, I have most of it down. Suck on that, stupid small pinky! >:D
(... I'm sorry pinky... I do love you. I take it back. Mostly.)

The other task I felt the urge to conquer today was....
The Treadmill

I have been telling myself I need to work out and get in shape so I can kick butt for color guard. Besides, Samus runs around all day in a beastly suit! She has to be in shape, so I should be too. (I told you I played too much...) And I had yet to do much of anything. But I have been stressed out lately and I felt confused and kinda pissed off about some various things, so I thought "Why not run it out?"

My, how good it felt. I told myself I'd go at least two miles, or go for 20 minuets at a decent pace. I had some good music to pump me up. I almost felt like giving up for a little bit, but then I remembered band runs (yes, it's dorky and nerdy, I know. But it motivates me) and what it felt like to sprint to the end. I had only gone about one and a half miles, so I slowed down, but didn't stop.

That's when I set the goal. When it said I had run 1.75 miles, I would crank it up pretty fast. But I have never gone above 6 out of 10 on the treadmill, out of fear. I was always afraid I'd loose my footing and go flying off and smack my head on the brick wall behind me or become terribly mangled mess of a human. (also lame, I know. I thought some weird, dark things as a child... And kinda still do. But less often, and with much more logic!)

Today, there would be no more fear! I cranked it up to 7. And it felt good. I was running and saying the lyrics to the song to keep me going. I remembered all the crap that I've had going through my head, and kept pushing it. I wasn't going fast enough for my thoughts. So I cranked it up higher. 7.5 baby! I ran at that for almost a whole song! Woot woot! Then I walked it off for a bit with a chill song and I felt much, much better. By the end I had gone for 30 minutes or so, and it was about 2 and 1/2 miles!

Now I know it sounds like no accomplishment, but considering I haven't done anything to exercise since like... October, I was pretty proud. It's a place to start. Maybe I can do it every day and push it farther until I can be a beast and sprint full speed on that sucker! Then I won't hate running as much, and I'll feel better.

And so, my love for guitar and running has grown. The End

With love,

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