Monday, January 17, 2011

Hello, Preservation Hall Jazz Band.

Tonight, I decided that Heaven will have jazz music. If it doesn't, I think I will cry. There is no crying in heaven, because it is a place of only happiness. Therefor, Heaven has jazz music. I just proved it.


I atteneded the Preservation Hall Jazz Band concert tonight at the Sheration Hotel in Salt Lake City. It was incredible. The musicians were fantastic! They were energetic, hilarious, and well... Jazzy. Go figure! I can't believe how much fun I had. I even got to go up on stage with a bunch of other people (including Justin Dunkley and Max Cocoa) while they played and danced. It was unbelieveable. I couldn't help but buy a CD, which I stayed after and got signed. I met them. I shook their hands.(except the trombone player... I was very sad...) It was a good day.

I spend it with amazing people too. The car ride was a party, and I just can't help but love band people. Christian's McDonald's cookies that take too long, telling Justin to shut up and making the people behind us look at us awkwardly, telling Cameron to stick his head out the window to wake him up, honestly laughing with Mara and her awesome sense of humor, and telling Max that, despite what the thinks, he cannot sing like Louis Armstrong.

Before all of this, I went "running" with some pals, and we ended up taking the long way to Magleby's. But on the up side, we ate delicious french toast that Josh so kindly provided. Sometimes I want to hurt that kid (and it wouldn't be the first time) but he can be nice on occasion.

Today was something I needed. Thanks everyone :)

With Love and Jazz,

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Lolovivi said...

I didn't mean to take us the long way... my up stairs just doesn't work sometimes... most the times...