Saturday, January 01, 2011

Clean Slate

New Years... A time for resolutions. I have never really tried to make new years resolutions, but why not try? It's supposed to be a time of starting fresh. And heaven knows I need a fresh start. Really badly. Will I stick to all of these? Probably not, but heck, I'm going to try.

1. Try to be patient with myself.
2. Finish the things I start- All the way through.
3. Stop letting my parents down.
4. Spend time and become good at something.
5. Stop texting and facebooking so much, I want to start talking on the phone or in person instead. Sure, it's more awkward, but it totally builds real friendships.
6. Actually study and strive to learn instead of just going for a grade.
7. Always be honest with how I feel.
8. Stop trying to get someone to notice me, and just be noticed for who I already am.
9. Don't trash talk anyone in anyway. Ever.
10. Go running or do some sort of exercise.
11. Stop being afraid of everything.
12. Try new foods, and try not to be picky.
13. Find a job.
14. Get new music.
15. Brighten someone's day.
16. Keep my room clean.
17. Orginize my thoughts.
18. Don't be confusing to others.
19. Stop being a sarcastic punk, unless they know me like that.
20. Ask someone on a date.

Let's make it a good year kids. It's time to shine. :)

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