Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Colorful Lies

White describes a harmless fib,
As told by you or I.
But maybe there's more than simple terms,
I'm skeptical of "white lies".

So then, what is the color of a lie?

Is it the red of the boiling blood beneath your skin?
Or the ominous black of a deceitful grin?
Is it the hues of blue on a lonely day?
Perhaps the green of envy when you walk away?
A grey that shows when enthusiasm lacks?
Or the yellow smile when your company lies back?
Do you mislead in orange when caution is high?
Or rather a purple shade when your love walks by?

Do you betray yourself with these colorful distortions?
Do you deceive those who choose to care?
Is there such a thing as a harmless lie,
When there's no one your lying spares?

Again I ask, what's the color of a lie?

-Hannah J. Thomas

1 comment:

emmaiskool said...


Ummm, also, I think lies are a different color for everyone.

Mine are Purple. For Sure.