Sunday, December 12, 2010

48... What a Number!

I was thinking about school this morning (which is so wrong, considering it is a day of rest... gah...) and I decided to take a look at what I would like to plan for my next two years.

My brother has strongly encouraged me to take concurrent enrollment classes, so I don't waste money and time in college. Why not get credit now when it's easier, right? So I was looking at them, and this is what I found...

I can cram at least 48 credits of college into the next two years.

That sounds like quite a lot to me, and that would be very nifty to save that much time and money. And I still get to take classes I want. I'm pretty pumped. Now here's the problem...

Do I have that kind of time??

I will be doing band, and possibly getting a job. And in order to do this as I want to, I have to take 5 classes online. Luckily, they are pretty simple classes, so I'm not too worried. But still, is this insanity? Am I going to destroy myself in this process? Is it worth it?

It's at times like these where I wish I was only six years old again, learning about the octopus and stuff like that. I'm only sixteen! Do I really want to be doing college right now? I feel like I want to be grown up, but at the same time I just want to go back to innocence and bliss! Curse these teenage days of confusion!


Zach said...

what math are you in? Take college algebra/trig- that's 7 math credits right there.
Senior year, you can take cp writing, which is 4 english credits or so.
Each German class (other than German 1) gives you 5 credits. If you want to, you can go straight into german 2 if you tell Stefan your schedule doesn't fit German 1 and you want to be in German really badly. 10 credits in two years.
AP Bio gives you 4 science credits for concurrent enrollment- well worth your time, even if you go into something medical. I reccommend taking it next year if you can.
Physiology gives you collegehealth credit- also worth it next year if you can. It also waives health if you haven't taken that yet.
these are all the classes I can think of that give you college credit and will help you towards graduation. :)
With all my AP credits and concurrent enrollment stuff, I'm graduating with over 50 credits... haha.

Hannah J. said...

Those are actually most of the classes I have written down. Along with some of the business, economics and leadership classes, which add up to 9, intro to music which is another 3, sports med with 2, and Woods II that counts as 5 (which seems really random, but why not take the credit?). I could to AP chemistry too, but I don't want to kill myself and not have any fun classes.
I'll be doing AP Psychology and I think AP language, but I'm afraid I won't be able to keep up on everything and then get a bad grade on my transcript. It sounds like a lot to juggle, and I would like to have a little bit of free time... haha so I am still trying to figure out everything. I'm just scared to screw up.